Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's The Little Things

I am so excited!!
In less than a week a:

Is going to come to my:

And bring me one of these:

With a:


I love packages. There's just something about getting a package, even when you know what's going to be in it. Packages are what make online shopping so appealing... really we all know it's true! Just join me and admit it. Granted the online sales and shopping in your pjs are nice and all but when it comes right down to it what we really love is that stamped and sealed box with the freshly shipped smell and, of course, the man in the brown shorts bringing Christmas in July (or January in this case) to our door.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I am peculiar. And if you are anything like me, so are you. I just can't seem to figure me out. Before getting pregnant I couldn't wait to let some tiny baby take over my body, but once Kaylee was on her way I really missed being the boss of me. So I looked forward, counted down days and tried to be patient for the day she would be here in my arms to love and to hold. Of course once it was 2 am and she had her own opinion on sleep I thought nostalgically on those now gone days when she was inside and I could sleep, mostly, through the summersaults and backflips. You see, apparently I am never going to be satisfied. I am always itching for tomorrow, but reluctant to leave yesterday. Could my husband be right? Is there just no pleasing me?

No, that can't be it! Ice cream pleases me. Chocolate pleases me. Chocolate ice cream really pleases me! So why am I never satisfied with today? Luckily I don't think I am alone in my peculiarity. It seems to be the nature of every people, nation, race, community, school, club, group, family and individual to find themselves in this kunundrum a time or two. (or three or four... thousand) We are all talk when it comes to change and tomorrow, the future, improvements, bigger and better, etc. but when it comes time to make the change we drag our feet, sleep in, procrastinate, or maybe even cry a little bit. Strange.

How have I come to such a conclusion? Well I'll tell you. This week has been a doozey. Duzey? Duozy? Whatever. I finally came to terms with the fact that Kaylee has long outgrown her playmat and baby bassinet chair so I put them away. Along with her baby bathtub, nursing pillow, too small onsies, socks, and Sunday dresses. I bought rubber duckies for her new big girl bath-time, a food processor for big girl food, blocks, and a big girl playmat. My baby is no longer an infant. She plays peek-a-boo, smiles when I walk in the room, sings nursery songs (tries), and loves rolling around rough-housing. And here I am torn between yesterday and tomorrow. Watching Debra Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond) send her twins to pre-school and bawling because my turn is already 7 months closer. Is this how all parents feel? Is that the key? Parenthood? It must be, I was normal before wasn't I? That must be it.

Parents are peculiar.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Eating Escapades

Kaylee decided recently that the world is far to interesting to waste one’s time nursing. So mom decided it was time for solids and bottles.

: )

Goodbye '09

Christmas is over…. how the heck did that happen?? Anyone else feel like yesterday we were eating leftover turkey and mashed potatoes, and today it’s already leftover ham and pie time. Time already to make and break those resolutions to shed said potatoes and pie (especially the pie) and to count down months until Mr. Sun comes out to play again. But before we get to taking down the tree and putting away the decorations here are a few pictures and stories from our happy holiday! Enjoy!

Our family picture this year! Taken Thanksgiving day on my in-laws floor, full of stuffing. Doesn’t get any better than that!

Picking out a Christmas tree

Ok, really doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas, but I thought it was really funny! Rodney was watching Kaylee while I got a few things done on the computer and I turned around to find this… so classic I had to grab my camera! You can’t see it, but she’s watching the TV. : )

Trying on our new hat. Adorable!

Again, nothing to do with Christmas, but how could I resist this face??

Love this picture! The shirt says “Snugglebug”, but the face says “Go ahead and try it, I dare ya”

Pretty in pink

Santa brought Kaylee a walker for Christmas. Other than the fact that her toes barely touch the ground, she thinks it’s great!

Of all the new things to tinker with and all the games to play on Christmas, Rodney decided to spend most of his time working on the new 3-D rubix cube. After several hours of shaking, twisting, throwing, and delicate rocking he finally beat it. Hey, whatever makes him happy right? : )

And finally, look who we caught breaking in…. : )