Thursday, February 11, 2010

100 Things To Do.

So I have been thinking a lot lately about what Kaylee and I are going to do once she gets big enough to graduate from Peek-A-Boo. I have yet to hit the lottery and as far as I know Rodney hasn't hit gold (as far as I know...) so I was trying to come up with free or almost free things to do with a small child throughout the year and I thought there are probably a bunch of other people who could benefit from such a list so I thought I'd post it. I'm trying to hit 100 so if you have any ideas please add them! Uless otherwise noted all are under $10, most under $5.

1. Decorate a piggy bank and talk about the importance of savings. You can find ceramic piggy banks at Roberts or Michaels or wherever.
2. Watch the clouds
3. Smother pine cones in peanut butter and bird seed. Hang them outside the window and watch the birds come!
4. Bake cookies. Eat them yourself of doorbell ditch them to a neighbor.
5. Make friendship bracelets out of embrodery floss. Or dental, whatever.
6. Make a planter box garden. Or if you happen to own a house with a yard and some dirt plant a garden. This will cost a little more, how much totally depends on you.
7. Bean-Bag toss. Use old socks and pinto beans to make bean-bags and a piece of cardboard for a target.
8. Self portraits. Trace the kid on a large piece of butcher paper and let them color themselves in. I've heard you learn a lot about your child's self image with this one.
9. Make a car, or spaceship, out of an old box, crayons, paper plates, and whatever else you have laying around.
10. Finger painting. Maybe go outside for this one...
11. Go on a wildflower walk and gather a bouqet.
12. Press flowers from said boquet and put them in a scrapbook.
13. Dye hard boiled or hollowed out eggs.
14. Bubble party!
15. Paper plate masks
16. Paper mache. Who doesn't love paper mache??
17. Feed ducks. (Wheeler farms has lots of hungry ones)
18. Most libraries have children's story time.
19. Go to a parade
20. Ride Trax (this one is mostly for me)
21. Visit temple square. You'd be surprised at how much little kids will enjoy it, I spent a whole day there with my 6 year old sister once.
22. Go to the zoo. Can cost a little more, but watch for buy one get one free days! Yay!
23. City carnivals (i.e. Draper Days)
24. Wheeler farm, they have TONZ of fun stuff and activities and animals and hay rides. Seriously go.
25. State fair. I forget how much it costs, but under a certain age are free!
26. Have a picnic.
27. Go to a farmers market and try something new.
28. High school sporting events. Much more fun if you know someone on the team.
29. Chalk art. And if you want to spice it up, leave love notes on grandma's driveway.
30. Make a pizza
31. Gateway mall downtown's fountains. Do not try in January.
32. Fly a kite
33. Go to the pet store and learn how to handle animals.
34. Slip n' slide. What more can I say?
35. Host a teddy bear tea party.
36. Have a lemonade stand.
37. Cut out paper snowflakes and hang them from you child's ceiling.
38. Pick berries. They actually have farms where you can pick your own berries! How cool! Cost depends on what and how much you pick.
39. Go to the dollar movies
40. Have a treasure hunt
41. Decorate a flower pot.
42. Put on a puppet show
43. Make a ginger bread cookie advent calendar.
44. Cut the ABCs out of old sponges to make stamps perfect for learning letters.
45. Take a tour of the fire station
46. Roast marshmallows
47. Have an ice cream cone and play at a fast food playground.
48. Go to an ice cream parlor and sit at the bar. (ok so really I've just always wanted to do this)
49. The Living Planet Aquarium. This is one that's a little more expensive but they do have season passes for $18, or something right around there, so you can go all year.
50. Window shopping
51. Ride on the boats at Liberty Park
52. Go to the Clark Planitarium. Again, a little more expensive
53. Tracy Aviary. $
54. Check out a flea market
55. Play at an arcade or Boondocks. Cost totally depends on what you do.
56. Discovery Gateway Children's Museaum. This is awesome!! Not sure on the cost, google it, but it is a WONDERFUL place for kids!
57. Jungle Jims
58. Thanksgiving point gardens. Or whatever they have going on there. They often put on things just for kids.
59. Gilgal Sculpture Garden. Downtown, free, beautiful.
60. Take a family trip to the "This Is The Place" town
61. Timpanogus cave. Maybe wait until they can walk the whole way on their own. Or be sure to bring dad. : )
62. Ice skating
63. The Alpine Slide. I think they may have to be "so high" first.
64. National Trails Day. Excellent teaching opportunity. Every year the government hosts a clean the trails day where you go and help clean (all ages welcome) and they feed you lunch and stuff. Good service project.
65. Heber Valley Railroad. Pricey at Christmas, but totally worth it.
66. Topaz Mtn.
67. Garage sale. Either have one or go to one!
68. Make a blanket tent!
69. Pull out a matress and watch a movie in bed in the middle of the living room. Be sure to have popcorn!
70. Paint fingernails
71. Tye dye t-shirts
72. Decorate cupcakes
73. Get a big quilt and go star gazing
74. Have a backyard camp-out
75. Play dress ups!
76. Sand art
77. Glitter pictures. A big mess, but worth it! Take a page out of a coloring book and use a glue stick and colorful glitter to color it in.
78. Play house
79. Beauty salon- let your daughter do your hair for a change
80. Word/letter/spelling games
81. Water color pictures. I believe they make coloring books especially for this
82. Make furniture for barbies out of odds and ends around the house.
83. Get cheap DI picture frames and decorate them together. (LOVE this one!)
84. Have a treasure hunt around the house/yard
85. Turn on 80's music and have a dance party!
86. Make a magazine colloge. Collage? Collauge? W/E you know what we're saying!

There's what I have so far. Any more ideas? I really want to hit 100!