Sunday, April 13, 2008

And Then There Were Two...

Ok, ok, I give! After much nudging and slightly harder than gentle reminders I am updating my blog. And I do admit, updated it needs to be! Come to find out Sunday afternoons when you're not in school and not planning a wedding are much quieter and there actually is time to write a thought or two down. So, let's start at the very beginning shall we? I find it a very good place to start! (sorry, couldn't help myself...)

December 15, 2007
I got engaged! I know, you all probably know that by now... but the question is, do you know the story? Well, a couple friends and I were having a little get together for a Pre-Christmas Christmas. Exchanging gifts and eating food and all. (which I managed to poison the pancakes for, but luckily that's not what everyone remembers most about the day. Phew!) For weeks before everyone had been talking about Rodney's gift to me. Giving me stupid clues meant to drive me insane with curiosity, which worked perfectly, and being all cloak and dagger about everything going on. Now, in my defense Rodney had told me he wouldn't propose in front of anyone, that it probably wouldn't be until after the holidays were over, and had my friend take me out to look for rings just the night before. Hence, I thought the very last thing it could possibly be was a proposal... sneaky sneaky! Anyway, when it came time for him to give me my gift...well... watch the video and find out! : )
(video to be added soon...)

And here's the finished jewelry box!

March 13, 2008
I got married! Again, most of you probably know and were even there, but everyone loves stories! Ok, I lied, this section is actually mostly pictures but that's practically the same thing, right? That morning Rodney got to the temple at 7 in the AM and I made it at 8:15, seeing as we were suppose to be there at 8, I figure I was closer to being on time and that totally makes up for being late. (we're still working on having him buy it) Everything went wonderfully and smoothly! The ceremony was amazing and no one lost me in the temple. Which was my biggest fear so I was highly relieved! (it happened to my mother-in-law!) Outside for pictures was cold, but not unbearably so and the cloud cover made for excellent lighting for pictures.

We had our luncheon at Gardner Village and it was very tasty and nice. I don't know, what else do you say about luncheons? People said nice stuff about us, that's always nice! And Colin gave his official approval of our relationship, which was a relief seeing as we were already hitched for eternity. : ) And yes, Rodney really did start a minor food fight.... which I may have encouraged.

The reception was GORGEOUS! Kudos to my mom and her team of R.S. miracle workers for putting it all together! I always wanted to get married in the summer in a secret garden setting but the weather wouldn't really allow such a thing in March. Bummer. But the cultural hall was as close to the real thing as one could possibly get and it was amazing! My mom is wonder-woman. She even home-made eclairs for me since Rodney loves 'em and I hate the store bought kind. That's over 400 eclairs! Talk about crazy cool. Only hitch at our reception was that the car didn't get there until about 10:30, just before I actually decided I was walking to the hotel. We ended up being about the last ones to leave our own reception... but it was still wonderful! I'd thank all the people who helped individually, but I'm bound to forget someone so if you helped at all (and that includes showing up) Thanks!

April 13, 2008
Well, now I've been married a month already. Wow! One of my best friends is getting married this week and it doesn't seem like I've been married that long at all! It can't possibly be time for hers, can it? I realize that we've got a lot more time to learn and grow from each other, but it's amazing all the things I've learned so far! Here's a little list of the major ones...
1. There is twice as much laundry for 2 people as opposed to 1
2. There is no point or purpose in staying up past 9. 10 at the latest.
3. Being married makes babies look a hundred times more adorable...
4. Always buy parmesean cheese when it's on sale, and in bulk! (this mostly applies just to my particular husband)
5. There are only the slightest differences between boys and men. Age and height being the only two I've found so far... (And I wouldn't have it any other way)
6. Shoes and purses still manage to walk away and get lost even in a small apartment. (apparently it wasn't my siblings all those years)
7. There is a MAJOR difference between "paying bills" when single and actually paying bills.
8. Patience is a virtue. (one I'm eternally grateful Rodney has)
9. Never, under any circumstance do a load of whites and then try to take a shower. Unless you're the kind of person who enjoys ice baths.
10. I'm beginning to believe old folks may actually know what they're talking about...