Saturday, October 24, 2009


I have oodles of adorable pictures on my camera, but no internet at home... so you'll just have to settle for emailed phone pics for now!
We can finally do poney-tails! (anyone else think her hair looks red?)
You can't really tell from the picture but she's not sucking on the binkie. (Who does that?) She's nawing the daylights out of the thing!
She makes the funniest face with her tounge stickin' out and we ALMOST caught it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Done Waiting

It has been a while since I've blogged and things were looking a little dusty around here. I've had good intentions, every day I wake up thinking "Ok, today's the day! I'll update that blog, tell the world my exciting news and watch them all turn green with envy at my exciting endeavors. Around the world people will be inspired by my life and change thier own for the better. Yep, today's the day!". And each night I go to bed thinking, "Maybe tomorrow."

The problem seems to be, I just keep waiting. Waiting for something exciting to happen. Waiting for something inspiring. Waiting for something... anything... of note to report on. And today I think it happened. I discovered that, well, nothing is going to happen. It will probably be a few years before we take a major trip anywhere. Who knows if it will be in this life or the next before I make any kind of philanthropic, scientific, economic, or any other kind of "ic" breakthrough. And hopefully we've got a long while before noteworthy turmoil strikes. (Swine flu, stay back!) So I guess I'll just have to post about the little things along the way. Which is how it should be. I forget who, but someone sometime somewhere once said something like "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives." I have that quote scribbled on a small scrap of paper hung on my magnent board, right next to another one that says "make your bed". (both good advice) So here goes; my life. Take it or leave it.... (I'd prefer you left it, I'd like to hold on as long as possible. But feel free to leave a mark or two)

My day starts at some dark hour of the morning with Rodney's alarm going off. I usually yawn, push him off the bed, roll over and close my eyes again. : ) Fifteen minutes later I half wake up for a kiss good-bye and a "drive safe" before stumbling to the bathroom to "stick my eyes in". Then it's a bowl of cereal and the GMU crew until Kaylee wakes up, and that's when the fun begins! She is the most adorable thing when she wakes up, even beats out my bed head, believe it or not... she stretches and smiles tells me all about her dreams while I change her diaper and get the bath ready. I know most moms bath babies at night but I can't seem to figure out how that one works. I look at the clock at 6 and five minutes later when I look back it's already 10:30 and bedtime... no time for baths!

Anyway, once we're bathed, dressed and fed the day can really get started! Oh wait what? What's that you say? It's noon? Lunch time? Ok, ok. So AFTER lunch the day can really get started! We get all packed up in the carseat, ready to head out to the grocery store or library or park or doctor's office or other assorted stores and errands and... wait what? What's that you say? Nap time? Ok, ok. Kaylee's nap time. I must say, I REALLY lucked out in this area! She is the BEST napper! I take her in her room, rock her for a minute or two and stick her in the crib, wide awake. I turn on the humidifier, close the door and come back a minute or two later to find her fast asleep. And she stays that way for at least three, usually four hours. Well, while she's sleeping I guess I'll do something productive. I put on the music or TV or something and get to the tidying/cooking/vaccuming/dusting/bed making/anything else I can think of to avoid folding laundry. I HATE laundry. It's the never ending chore. I swear, as soon as I can I'm bumming that one off on Kaylee. Poor thing, she'll be doing laundry when she's 4. Maybe 3. We'll see.

All of a sudden it's 6:00. WHAT?? My clock must be broken. I haven't even begun to think about dinner, and in walks Rodney hungry after a long day working outside. Dinner... dinner... quick dinner.... we've got macaroni! Poor boy, he's so sweet, he'll eat the macaroni or PBandJ and tell me it was just what he wanted. (Of course later he fixes himself some "real" food) Some day I'll figure this whole thing out. Believe it or not, this is progress from two months ago! I've started clipping coupons and making a game out of shopping for the best bargins, hunting down baby sales (tomorrow is a major book blow out at the local library... bring it on!) and experimenting with cake decorating. (ok, ok, so I've THOUGHT about experimenting with cake decorating. But I'll get around to it soon....ish!) After dinner it's time for family time, playing with baby and talking about the day (finances, yuck) until bed time.

Well folks, there you have it! My life. Maybe nothing extrordinary, but it makes me happy! I don't know the first thing about half the things going on in the world, but I could tell you story after story about Kaylee's smiles. I couldn't tell you who the hottest man in Holleywood is, I get giddy about the new WinCo foods around the corner. I hope all your lives are as happy as mine!

PS- Visitors/playdates/shopping buddies/phone calls welcome!