Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Sweetheart

She's here! As I'm sure you've heard by now our little Kaylee Rayne was born at 1:02 in the morning and she's just perfect! Sorry it's taken me so long to update and get pictures up, I've been busy feeding, rocking, dressing or bathing my little munchkin- and when I'm not doing that I'm busy staring at her!

The story- real quick before getting to the pictures (which is the best part!) here's her "birthday story". Wednesday morning I woke up with contractions... finally! At a week overdue this baby was finally thinking about coming! Unfortunately they were not close enough together to "count" in the medical world so the hospital told me to stay at home, walk around and wait a few hours. Which I did very impatiently. Thankfully Eliza was there to keep me company and motive me to get up from my fetal position on the couch and keep moving! She thinks she was a slave driver, I say more of a Godsend!

Well 7:30 rolled around and we headed off to the hospital for a "Cytotec" (spelling?) induction. I'd never heard of such a thing before so for those who are also not up on the latest in medicine it is a series of pills you take overnight at the hospital to "ripen the cervix" and then they induce you with pitocin the next morning. A very long way of getting a baby here if you ask me. Thankfully, she wasn't so mean to her mom. They gave me the first pill at about 11 Wednesday night and a few minutes after 1 in the morning Thursday I was holding my little princess! In fact, she came so fast that the on call doctor didn't even make it to deliver her and they didn't even bother calling my doctor. He actually showed up the next morning to break my water, thinking I was still in delivery and couldn't find me! A resident who happened to be in the area walked in just in time to catch her and 3 more doctors showed up a few minutes after. They must have paged anyone and everyone they could to try to get someone there in time!

Now she's here, safe and sound with ten fingers ten toes and a whole head of dark brown hair!

Meeting her dad a few minutes after she was born.

With a curl in her hair, no thanks to her mom!

How could you not want to kiss those cheeks and little nose?

Carseats will wear you right out! This was right after we got home from the hospital.

Love love love!