Thursday, October 16, 2008

TAG-- I'm it?

I had never heard of tagging, but I happened to be blog-surfing and reading my friend Abby's cute blog and discovered I've been tagged! So here goes!

I am: blessed

I want: to be at home in sweats right now

I have: less time with Rodney than I'd like

I dislike: sugar and grease. (but that's only recently)

I miss: Amy Mae

I fear: water, kidney theft, people under cars, night-time...

I feel: a little sickly in my tummy today.

I hear: "I Saw God Today" on the radio

I smell: EVERYTHING! But still not flowers.

I crave: fruit

I cry: all the time these days. Now in fact, stupid radio songs...

I usually: have to do things two or three times before it turns out right

I search: words on

I wonder: what life will be like in a year

I regret: several things. But I try not to, it doesn't do any good.

I love: my hubby and baby.

I care: that it's getting cold. I care a lot.

I always: try to be thankful.

I worry: more than I use to

I am not: useless

I remember: that Rodney thinks I'm beautiful, and that's all that matters. (and that models are airbrushed)

I believe: God is in charge and looking out for me.

I dance: only in the car or in front of the mirror with Macall and Bethany

I sing: whenever I think no one is listening.

I don't always: make it on time

I argue: probably more than I should. But I am getting better!

I write: blogs

I win: at ERS, which is why no one will play with me.

I lose: my composure watching chick flicks.

I wish: I was more confident

I listen: to country

I don't understand: how something smaller than a grape can make me so sick!!

I can usually be found: looking for my phone/purse/keys/mind...

I need: pants that fit!

I forget: to watch the time.

I am happy: you took the time to read all the way to the end : )

I tag: Laurie Moon (of course), Katie Stewart, Leah Grammar

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Little Something...

: )

Monday, October 6, 2008

Greetings from Limbo Land... and not as in the game

Well, first I gotta start out with a funny little story... I took Mollie on her field trip to the animal hospital last week and I brought my camera to take lots of pictures. (such good intentions have I!) We got there, I pulled it out and to my dismay, it had turned itself on in my purse and ran out the battery! Blast. Usually this wouldn't be such a tragedy, except that all my pictures for the past few weeks were still on it and my charger is somewhere amidst the boxes in my parent's garage. So this story is my pre-apology for the complete lack of pictures on this blog entry. Maybe someday when life settles down I'll come back and upload them! (no promises...)

Now, on the the good stuff!

About a month ago Rodney won tickets to the circus off the radio (might I mention that's the 4th time he's won in the past 2 months? Look at my man go!) and last week we took two of his nephews Merrik (4) and Brock (3) to see the show. Those two little boys are the best of friends, but couldn't have acted more different while there! Brock was 100% memorized by it. We're talking the moment we walked in and took our seats he was glued to whatever was happening down in the stage area. For Rodney to ask him if he needed to use the potty before the show had even started he had to use his eyes like blinders and point Brock's face at him to get any kind of response, it was so adorable! Merrik on the other hand was not quite as impressed.... when we walked in and saw all the people he immediately started crying and begging to go home to his mom and dad. Poor thing! I hugged him close and told him it would be all right and that if he got scared he could hug me any time and feel all better. Well, he did just that! He sat on my lap and clung to my neck the whole show! He did like seeing the lions while we were there, but the clowns... no way! He'd start to cry every time they came out and after they'd left he'd ask if they were coming back. But I am happy to report that he did survive! And Sariah (his mom) tells me that he did in fact love it after the fact and that he and Camden play Circus all the time. : )

Let's see, what else is going on with us... hmm... it seems like there was something big... oh right. MOVING. Yucky! I use to love moving, it was like a chance to get everything really clean, finding new places for things was lots of fun, it was like a clean slate! And then I moved 3 times in a month. That'll take the fun right out of anything. As I reported a while ago, we moved downtown the end of august to take a management job. Just after we'd signed the papers our apartment complex in Midvale called and said that we could come manage there if we wanted too. Well of course we'd love to! But we'd already signed the agreement and the job here wouldn't open up until october anyway so we figured, what the heck. We'll just move twice, no biggie... HA!

We got downtown and realized it wasn't quite what we had expected. They expected me not to work or go to school, which I figured meant they had something for me to do instead but no. I was simply suppose to be at home to do nothing and wait for people to come by to see the apartment. Which was usually maybe once a day. If I was lucky. Needless to say I got very bored very fast and am eternally gratefull that we do not live there any longer!! We were also suppose to vaccum the halls and mow the lawn, but they gave us a broken lawn mower and vaccum. Figures. Oh well, all in the past! We had to move out of that apartment at the end of a month, which meant by September 30th, but our new Midvale apartment won't be ready until October 10th. Which is why all our stuff is in my parent's garage and we are sleeping on the extra bed at his parents house. (thank you thank you moms and dads!) So one more week of living in limbo and then we're free! We'll have our own place and life will go back to normal. I hope! : )