Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Welcome to the wonderful world of Me!

Ok, so here I go... following in my mother's footsteps and blogging! From what I've seen so far there are two kinds of blogs. First being the spirtual, uplifting, deep thinking blogs about the meaning of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Second being the ramblings of daily life as seen through the eyes of those of us who don't think deep enough to have any kind of hope of being twinkled in this life. Though it may surprise some of you, this is going to be a blog of the latter variety. (although I am using my biggest words to make me sound more like the first!)

For those of you of whom I haven't seen in years (which is probably my fault so i'm sorry!) I finally turned 20! I'm living at home at the moment and working for Larry's company for the summer. (Love Larry, love the people, hate the cubicle) But in a month I'll move back down to Provo to start back in school fall semester. As for my love life I just want to say don't believe a word my mom posts! I'm not as insane as she makes me sound, I think... : ) I am dating a wonderful guy named Scott Wendler who's almost 25 (which, by the way is so old!) and going to UVSC and getting a degree in something. It falls into the same category as my dad's job, I've had it explained to me half a million times in half a million ways, but I'm just never going to completely understand! As far as I can tell he wants to manage a fire station, so we'll go with that! (and just for the record, although it may not look like it, he does weigh more than me! Not by much... but every pound counts!)

Uh oh, I'm through all the generic "welcome talk to the ward" material! Now what? I could tell you all about all the things I love most in life like purple phones, chicken nuggets, speeding, and warm thunderstorms (which I think I see one coming out the window! yay!) but then you'd have no motivation to come hang out with me or invite me to your house for dinner! (cough, Kerri, cough, cough) So I guess I'll end here! Umm... bye? Sianora? Hasta? Call me? Whatever, love ya bye!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Hola, Paco!