Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Days!

In a desperate attempt to postpone starting on my next midterm paper, I realized I haven't posted anything in quite a while! Life has been, well, fun! (isn't it great to get to report that!) Other than school is still trying daily to kick my butt. But no worries, I'm winning! Lately I have been so impressed and blessed by my friends. I have the best ones in the whole world. (you may think you do, but i'm sorry, you're just wrong!) We have been up to the mountains to roast marshmallows, playing disney's seen-it (which I actually lost at! What is wrong with the world??), decorating cookies, going to comedy clubs, taking temple square trips, I mean come one, those are some good times!

And in even better news, my missionaries are starting to come home! (ok, so technically most of them are still the Lord's missionaries, but as soon as they get home I totally call posession.(sp?)) Rodney came home a couple weeks ago and Chad gets home in the next week or so. I honestly didn't believe that 2 years would actually pass... like ever. But, shocker, it's been two years! People really do come home from far away lands and go back to being normal boys! (now if I could find a way to make them become "perfect" boys....haha, that was funny Laralyn)

Well, that's basically all I have to say for today! I really should probably get to those midterms, but I have this loverly disillusion that if I ignore them they'll go away and get A's on themselves. Ah, wouldn't that be a perfect world!

Till next time, that's all folks!