Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Survived! I'm Gonna Live!

Wow, it's already been a whole month since my last update! Let's see, what have I been doing... oh that's right, I've been down with mono. I woke up one night barely being able to breath with tonsils the size of bowling balls so Rodney rushed me to the ER. (after taking NyQuill which makes one very, very sleepy at one in the morning. If Rodney wasn't here to back up my story, I'd think I'd dreamed up the whole hospital trip) They did a rapid strep test, which took a "rapid" hour to tell me that I didn't have strep. But they started me on antibiotics anyway cause they were sure the long test would come back positive. Well, lucky me spent the next two days waiting without air and a fever of 102. Not my best moments... Well, when it came back negative Rodney took me to the regular doctor. (He really is the hero of the story, look at him taking such good care of me!) He tested me for mono, which came back extremely positive and gave me a cortisone shot. And might I add I didn't cry or scream during the blood draw or the massive shot. Go me! Anyway, I started getting better after that, but have spent the last two, almost three, weeks at home recuperating and going out of my mind with cabin fever. My mom says she wishes she could have a 3 week vacation from life all by herself, I'm thinking my idea of a vacation doesn't include thermometers, exhaustion or chicken noodle soup. On the bright side, I get to go back to work today! Finally! I can hear the hallelujah chorus! (although that may just be due to the fact it happens to be playing on my i-pod. What excellent timing!)

On a much happier note, it's almost my 21st birthday! Not that it actually makes a difference to me, but I do think it's strange that the government allows people to get married before they're allowed to drink. Weird. Anyway, I have this little personal tradition/quirk for celebrating my birthday. I like to spend the day doing all the random little (or big) things that I either didn't get around to during the rest of the year but wanted to or could never justify any other day of the year. Anyone have any good ideas? I'm already planning on going to a pawn shop (it's gonna be a blast!) but I'd love more suggestions and ideas!

Rodney started school yesterday. He's doing his generals at SLCC and is taking two classes this summer. You know, I almost miss school. Almost. Maybe by the fall I'll be actually missing it. I almost wish I'd paid a bit more attention in the classes I took while at the Y.... but then I remember all the fun I had instead! I'm hoping that by the time I miss it enough to go back being married will help with my motivation to study and do well. In the mean time, I'll get to help Rodney with his classes. Which, other than Math, I'll love! I learn cool stuff and never have to take a test on it. Isn't that how school should be?

Well, that's really all I have to say for now... guess I'd better go back to, well, to waiting for my work shift to start.