Monday, April 27, 2009


This weekend my sister-in-laws Eliza and Sariah and I went down to St. George to do some sun bathing.... haha I'm soo funny! They did some sun bathing and got all brown and gorgeous while I did some reading and remembered why I love Jane Austin. : )

The view from the house we were staying at was awesome! These pictures don't really do it justice, but it was so wonderful to open up all the blinds and doors and have the sunshine and fresh air all weekend long. Ahh... someday I'll live in a place like that! (Right after I find the cure for cancer, release a platinum album and find the winning lottery ticket on the side of the road)

Friday was spent laying around watching TLC and learning "What Not To Wear", wrestling with the satilite system, rescuing frogs from swimming pools, painting nails, and cooking the most kick-butt bar-b-que dinner EVER! Seriously, check it out! We made steak with grilled veggies and pineapple, and I must say felt very domestic about it!

Amanda, my roommate from freshman year, also came to visit! I was so excited to see her! And she's as cute as ever! Well, as much of her as you can see behind my big belly...

Saturday was the big Vegas day. I would suggest always bringing a pregnant belly to Veags, you wouldn't believe how many of the nasty old men leave you alone and keep thier "calling cards" to themselves when you're walking around looking matronly! (Matronly... is that the right word? I forget. Blame it on the baby) Anyway, we got down there and picked up our tickets to "Le Reve" and then came up with the brilliant idea to walk down to The Bellagio to eat at thier buffet. Who actually decided walking was a good idea I forget, but by the time we got there we were all staggering and hobbling along from massive blisters. (But everyone else was staggering from the booze so we fit right in) This picture was taken before we started walking and were still optimistic about the idea... (I apologize about the Alphalpha-do. Although I must say I do wear it well! teehee!) (Oh, and check out Eliza, isn't she gorgeous!? If I didn't love her, I'd have to hate her. So if you know any single eligible and relatively disease free hott men in thier mid-twenties let me know and I'll introduce them to the girl of thier dreams! Assuming she hasn't killed me for posting this first...)

The buffet was deliciouso!! And I am ever so proud of myself, I didn't eat so much that I thought I'd die! They had the biggest selection of different kinds of food I've ever seen, including about 25 different kinds of dessert. Can we say heaven??

After dinner we walked back to The Wynn to see "Le Reve" and it was AMAZING! (said with a little sing-song in the voice) It is all over a big pool of water with synchronized swimming and acrobatics and incredible displays of strenght and all that jazz. But what was even better (to me) was the music and story itself. So powerful. So colorful. So beautiful. "Le Reve" is an interpretation of a painting by Picasso and the story is all about men and women and love in all it's forms. It's about woman's need for man and vice versa throughout all different time periods and it was phenominal! Just about made me cry! (but that may also have something to do with hormones and missing my other half) I definately recommend it!

These are pictures I took before the show started of the stage area. You really can't get the full effect though, so google "Le Reve" and watch the Youtube video that comes up.

April Showers

Ok well just the one shower, but "April Shower" didn't flow nearly as well! First off, thank you thank you thank you to Eliza and Diane! They threw me a wonderful family shower a few weeks ago and it was perfect! We played the "name that poop" game, price is right, memory and a bunch of other really cute ones!

I remember baby-sitting these two when they were just babies!

Lookey! Dana came all the way from Boston just for me! (and maybe a little bit Colin)
I'm sure that there are many more pictures floating around out there of the event, but I was busy ohh-ing and ahh-ing over pink polka dots and frilly bows that I spaced the camera. So if you have some please email them to me!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Once upon a friday night while driving back home from Springville and discussing Betos breakfast burritos Rodney and Laralyn hit a deer.

THANKFULLY... not a live one
But one that had been hit and left in the middle of the road just after a curve so that it couldn't be seen until it was way to late.

THANKFULLY... Rodney was driving (or this story could have been much worse)
He managed to only hit it with one side of the car, which still scared away all thought of greasy breakfast food! Laralyn hadn't been watching the road and honestly thought the car had hit a human. Not a good feeling. They pulled off to the side of the road and Rodney got out to check the car.

THANKFULLY... it looked ok.
But smelled like... well if you've never had dead animal guts roasting on the bottom of your engine you really can't understand the stench. But promise, there's nothing that smells worse. Car washes are useless against such a stench.

THANKFULLY... Laralyn had a cold and couldn't smell it nearly as well as she should have been able to. They drove it (carefullly) home without any further incident and...

MIRACULOUSLY... it's ok! A little piece of plastic got torn loose on the back wheel well, but that can be fixed with a zip-tie.

Part Two...

Once upon a thursday night while Rodney was in class Laralyn was waiting in the library parking lot in the rain the car battery died.

THANKFULLY... Rodney was able to get a ride from SLCC campus to the library.
But they had no jumper cables so no one there could help them. (a problem that will not be repeated again!)

THANKFULLY... Tom and Diane were in the area (with cables, they passed boy scouts)
and came to jump the car. Immediately Rodney and Laralyn drove to Pep Boys to find out what sort of gremlin was sabatoging (sp?) the car. Even though Laralyn was sure it was because she had worn black shoes and pants with blue and white socks out of the house. (Bad things always happen when you think you won't have to get out of the car and dress accordingly)

THANKFULLY... Pep Boys assured them that it was not Laralyn's fault.
But that they battery was practically dead and needed to be replaced ASAP. Of course they didn't have the right kind of battery there so today Laralyn called and found one and Rodney is out picking up and installing it now.

MIRACULOUSLY... it cost almost exactly what Laralyn and Rodney could afford.

THE MORAL... God is always watching out for all of us, even if our socks don't match.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Anyone else think it looks delicious? Now, before you go getting TOO proud of me I should tell you Rodney made it. His mission reunion was on Friday (which was really fun, I think he had more fun than I did but that's probably cause he actually knew more than one soul there. Still, fun!) and we were suppose to bring a dessert to share, and he wanted to make something extra special. I think it turned out spectacular... but he will tell you that's just cause I made him "cover up all his screw ups with a million cherries".

He honestly thinks it turned out awful!! There's a crack in the top. Love him, but he is way to harsh on himself sometimes! Anyway, after a LOT of coaxing (24 hours to be exact) he took it to the reunion. Apparently everyone there agreed with me... it was gone first. I'm so proud! : )