Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mollie 'n Me

Thursday my mom had to teach Shane's school class about the Impressionist (ask her about it, you'll be entertained) so she dropped Mollie off with me downtown to spend the afternoon. I was excited, I figured we'd do some coloring, dancing to the radio, the usual babysitting jazz, boy was I wrong!

We were eating greasy Wendy's burgers for lunch when the bells at St. Madeline's Cathedral went off to remind us that another 15 minutes had passed. (Now I love the sound of the bells, they really are gorgeous, but isn't every 15 minutes going a little bit overboard??) Mollie sits up and askes "what was that?" So I told her there was a church with bells around the corner. Well let me tell you, from that moment on she was determined to see those bells! She talked me into walking the block and a half around the corner to see the building so I grabbed my keys, phone and flip-flops. Figuring we'd walk down and back and be done.... lol...

Mollie was absolutely fascinated with St. Madeline's and we spent a while walking through and taking in the beautiful stain glass windows, the intricate podium and, of course, the little baptistry area. Which Mollie was bright enough to inform me was just silly, why would you need to baptize a baby, they can't even swim! (which I figured was close enough) After we'd seen everything and were back outside she asked where the temple was. I said just a few blocks away and the next thing I know we're walking down to temple square!

We saw EVERYTHING! It was actually a lot of fun, most of the buildings I hadn't gone through and actually taken time to take a tour of in a long time. But Mollie she made us take ALL the tours and see ALL the videos in ALL the buildings. lol, it was a lot of fun. I kept thinking she'd get tired and want to stop, or that the hour long tour of the conference center would be boring for her, but I was gravely mistaken. She had more energy than I've ever seen a six year old have before! We even got to go on the top of the conference center, which I'd never done before, and see over the whole valley, including the planes landing at the airport.

After 4 hours of walking around, and after all the Sister Missionaries had called Mollie "the little star" or "superstar" at least twice each I told her we really had to go. That mom was probably going to think I'd kidnapped her and skipped the country by now. We still hadn't seen the Museum or Brigham Young's house so I promised we'd come back another day soon to do those. On the way home I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and guess what she said. "Pushing the buttons to cross the street" ... if I'd known that we could've just walked back and forth! lol. But later she changed her mlind to "the bell from the temple that blew up" (which, translated into six-ese means the origional Nauvoo bell.) All in all, it was an awesome day. And definately a favorite on the memory list. : )

Friday, September 12, 2008

Salsa Party

So on Monday we were going to go to the fair... unfortunatly we ended up at the doctor's office instead. *sigh* Why? I'll bet you can guess! Yep, I got dehydrated AGAIN. I have issues with that. Water just tastes so nasty to me and I just don't enjoy drinking it in the slightest. But alas, if you end up at the doctor for two and a half hours instead of at the fair, your hubby starts pouring the stuff down throat. Something about not wanting to do that again... I dunno. I do know that I've had more to drink in the past 72 hours than I probably have had in the rest of my life combined! And it is getting slightly easier, but only slightly.

After the doctor we figured we go visit my family seeing as we were in the area and everything. We got there and lo and behold it was salsa night! We spent the whole night listening to music to loud for mom's comfort and slicing, dicing, and chopping vairous spicey veggies. So fun! Everyone should try it (and then let me taste thier creations!).

Wednesday we FINALLY made it to the fair! I look forward to it every year! Although growing up we were never allowed to spend money, just look around and "appreciate the art" or something like that. But now that I'm old(er) and married I got to play the games! Rodney won me a little black bear and I won me a purple teddy bear at Whack-A-Mole. My all time favorite game. I even, get this, did the super jump thing! I know, hold me back! (no really, do. My sweet husband seems to think I'll be doing more scary/dangerous/make you sick rides in the future. I'd appreciate a little support for my "no way jose" platform)

I tried really hard to do the flips and all that jazz, but I couldn't seem to make my body spin around like that. Rodney however looked like he'd been doing it all his life. Well, come to think of it, I think he has! We also had someone do one of those "charecter" picture things. (another silly little thing I've always wanted to do) He doesn't think it looks anything like him, but I still like it! Someday we'll have a really good one done, but it was still a fun fair momento!

Life Comes At You Fast, Be Ready With A Smile!

So it's been CRAZY around here! Rodney and I moved at the beginning of September downtown to manage an apartment complex, aka for free rent. Well I kid you not, less than 24 hours after we signed the contract and started to move Rodney gets this phone call. I couldn't tell what he was talking about but when he got off the phone he had a "you're never going to believe this" look, which can be good and can be disasterous. Our Union Meadows manager lady had just called asking if we wanted a management position there. Heck yes we do!! Although things would have been ten times easier if we'd gotten the call the day before. lol, now we're living downtown for a month (without furniture cause it was too big of a hassle to move it all down and back) until the beginning of October and then we'll be back in the suburbs. Thank heavens!

I don't know how all y'all feel about the downtown life... I thought it would be fun... but I have officially decided I never ever want to do it again!! (which Rodney is eternally greatfull for seeing as his goal is a ranch in the middle of no man's land. I haven't quite gotten to that point...) I like being able to leave my car unlocked for two seconds to run back and grab something out of the house, or being able to take a walk in bare feet without fear of stepping on something nasty or being attacked, and I especially like being able to park wherever I dang well please without having to pay somebody 5 bucks. Stupid.

But all in all this month has been a great humbling and learning experience for both of us. No dishwasher will teach one super quick to do the dishes immediatly after eating, and I've never been so greatful for normal brown carpet. (ours is this rather terrible shade of forest green... with blue swirly tile in the kitchen and a pink bathroom! I think the designer was high.) And I've increased my directional abilities 10 fold in the past couple weeks. Thanks to getting lost for hours trying to find the bank, grocery store, WalMart, and let's not forget the freeway!
Also on the subject of new... I cut my hair! Well, more like chopped. It's so short! I was TERRIFIED about the whole ordeal but I think it turned out ok! I'll always like my super long beautiful hair better, but there comes a point when it's ridiculous to keep up. So I cut it short and now can grow it back out long... till it drives me crazy and I start the whole vicious cycle again! lol. What do you think? I need an opinion poll... mostly about the bangs....

Did I mention we also bought a new car? A Nissan Murano, 05. I LOVE it! Love love love! (and not just cause it's a beautiful burgandy color and has lots of big cup holders) I forgot to get a picture of it and am far to lazy to run out and take a picture now, so you'll all have to use your imaginations. Oh, and we did all of this, being the move, the car and the hair all in the same week. And what scared me the most? The hair of course. : ) Rodney thinks I'm nuts.