Friday, September 12, 2008

Salsa Party

So on Monday we were going to go to the fair... unfortunatly we ended up at the doctor's office instead. *sigh* Why? I'll bet you can guess! Yep, I got dehydrated AGAIN. I have issues with that. Water just tastes so nasty to me and I just don't enjoy drinking it in the slightest. But alas, if you end up at the doctor for two and a half hours instead of at the fair, your hubby starts pouring the stuff down throat. Something about not wanting to do that again... I dunno. I do know that I've had more to drink in the past 72 hours than I probably have had in the rest of my life combined! And it is getting slightly easier, but only slightly.

After the doctor we figured we go visit my family seeing as we were in the area and everything. We got there and lo and behold it was salsa night! We spent the whole night listening to music to loud for mom's comfort and slicing, dicing, and chopping vairous spicey veggies. So fun! Everyone should try it (and then let me taste thier creations!).

Wednesday we FINALLY made it to the fair! I look forward to it every year! Although growing up we were never allowed to spend money, just look around and "appreciate the art" or something like that. But now that I'm old(er) and married I got to play the games! Rodney won me a little black bear and I won me a purple teddy bear at Whack-A-Mole. My all time favorite game. I even, get this, did the super jump thing! I know, hold me back! (no really, do. My sweet husband seems to think I'll be doing more scary/dangerous/make you sick rides in the future. I'd appreciate a little support for my "no way jose" platform)

I tried really hard to do the flips and all that jazz, but I couldn't seem to make my body spin around like that. Rodney however looked like he'd been doing it all his life. Well, come to think of it, I think he has! We also had someone do one of those "charecter" picture things. (another silly little thing I've always wanted to do) He doesn't think it looks anything like him, but I still like it! Someday we'll have a really good one done, but it was still a fun fair momento!


lovely laurie

The salsa is delicious despite all of your antics! As for the fair...perhaps your parents just aren't as wealthy as your husband! :)


Hey, I like your new hair do. Very becoming. And I would have liked the salsa party. I'm thinking I might try one. Sounds fun.