Saturday, February 21, 2009

Life Is A Collection of Memories

On the brighter side of life, we have had had so much going on lately! Unfortunately my brain seems to have vacated the premises when the baby moved in, and my camera is one of the many things I can't quite figure out what I did with. Which means no pictures... sorry! Hopefully it'll turn up soon and next time I'll have lots of pictures to show, until then maybe Google can help out a bit.

For starters, this little baby girl has personality already! She wiggles, moves, dances, and plays all day long, until her Dad tries to feel her. Poor Rodney, he's felt her twice, maybe three times, but every other time she stops all wiggling and holds still. I say it's cause she just feels to comforted when he's so close, the doctor said he just need to promise her a higher credit card limit. : ) We have an awesome doctor.

January is by far my least favorite month, and now it's over! All the other months have holidays, or sunshine, or both! So to celebrate January finally running it's course, we had a game night the beginning of February. It was oodles of fun! Cream puffs, strawberries, chocolate fondue, and two babies to play with. What more could a girl possibly ask for? Of course all the adults who came where a huge bonus as well, but it's hard to compete with a one year old and her pink stroller. J/K, mostly. Thanks to everyone who came! Some people I haven't seen in a year or two, a few new friends from the ward, and my busy cousin and his sweetheart even made time to stop by and play for a while. It was the greatest!

Cash On Delivery- it was awesome! I laughed and laughed! Even Rodney loved it by the end... and that's a big deal! What more can I say? Other than Keri, you owe me ice cream. : )

In more awesome news, last week my mom turned 39... for the 8th time! Congrats to her! : ) That's gotta be some kind of record! My dad was out of town on the Klondike (which is yet another Boy Scout tradition that makes me concerned for the sanity of men) for her birthday and half of Valentines day, but planned her an awfully cute surprise birthday party to make up for it! She thought she was going over to a friend's to scrapbook all night, but in reality Bethany, a bunch of her friends from the ward/neighborhood, and I surprised her in the friend's dining room with gifts, off-key happy birthday songs, and Cafe Rio. Nearly made her cry... maybe next year! We talked and laughed the night away, laughed so hard my stomach hurt for days! Growing up I use to think all these ladies were boring and could not understand for the life of me how anyone could spend hours just talking! About NOTHING! Thankfully I've grown up a little since then and am now of the opinion that there's not much better in life than sitting around with friends and chatting for hours. (I tried converting Rodney, he's hopeless. Men seem to think you have to actually say something to talk.)

Have you heard the new advertisements for the Mayan? The basic jist is "We know our food used to suck, but we've updated and now it's edible! Come try!" We tried it, they lied. The atmosphere is still really cool, just don't put anything in your mouth... you could end up curled up on the couch for hours.

Sometimes Life Has a Better Idea

I heard that once, can't remember where, but I remember thinking it was a very profound statement. Life, or shall we say God, usually has the best ideas. Leaps and bounds better than anything I could come up with, but sometimes it's still hard to trust the signs and walk off the proverbial cliff. Right now in my life I seem to be teetering on such one cliff and am having a really hard time not looking down...

Lets see... starting is always the hardest part. Well I've been working at this little restaurant since last fall and I absolutely LOVE it! The job part that is. I love seeing all the people who come through, laughing with the fun ones, rolling my eyes at the pains, and my co-workers are the best! (Tresa, this means you!) And of course all the "your tummy is so cute" compliments don't hurt either! : ) It would be perfect, except for my boss. Ugh! The man is... well he's just... I really don't know how to describe him. Just difficult. To make a long story short, he refuses to give me the hours I was hired for and treats me unfairly for no reason I can see other than that I'm pregnant. Which is not only stupid, but also illegal from what I hear. So, there's the background story. Rodney keeps telling me I just need to quit and not let myself be walked all over like that, and all the signs, signals and lightning bolts seem to be agreeing with him. But I'm terrified to trust life and leap.

June is still 3 months away, which seems soo short when looked at from the "pregnant" side of things but scary long when looked at from the "unemployed with nothing to do" side. Yikes! Here's where I need some help! I need something to do. An at home job, a service project, a charity to join, something! I don't don't don't want to sit around the house all day eating cookie dough and watching soap operas, but I'm having a really hard time coming up with an alternative. Especially one that tastes as good as cookie dough. : ) Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Now, I don't want to turn this into a poor-me-whiny-type of an entry so I'll leave it at that and hope that someone has a little advice. (I gladly take cheesy one liners and scriptural references!) Seems like a silly problem I'm sure, and in retrospect I will probably agree, but I don't think I've ever been accused of being a rational or logical person!