Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sometimes Life Has a Better Idea

I heard that once, can't remember where, but I remember thinking it was a very profound statement. Life, or shall we say God, usually has the best ideas. Leaps and bounds better than anything I could come up with, but sometimes it's still hard to trust the signs and walk off the proverbial cliff. Right now in my life I seem to be teetering on such one cliff and am having a really hard time not looking down...

Lets see... starting is always the hardest part. Well I've been working at this little restaurant since last fall and I absolutely LOVE it! The job part that is. I love seeing all the people who come through, laughing with the fun ones, rolling my eyes at the pains, and my co-workers are the best! (Tresa, this means you!) And of course all the "your tummy is so cute" compliments don't hurt either! : ) It would be perfect, except for my boss. Ugh! The man is... well he's just... I really don't know how to describe him. Just difficult. To make a long story short, he refuses to give me the hours I was hired for and treats me unfairly for no reason I can see other than that I'm pregnant. Which is not only stupid, but also illegal from what I hear. So, there's the background story. Rodney keeps telling me I just need to quit and not let myself be walked all over like that, and all the signs, signals and lightning bolts seem to be agreeing with him. But I'm terrified to trust life and leap.

June is still 3 months away, which seems soo short when looked at from the "pregnant" side of things but scary long when looked at from the "unemployed with nothing to do" side. Yikes! Here's where I need some help! I need something to do. An at home job, a service project, a charity to join, something! I don't don't don't want to sit around the house all day eating cookie dough and watching soap operas, but I'm having a really hard time coming up with an alternative. Especially one that tastes as good as cookie dough. : ) Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Now, I don't want to turn this into a poor-me-whiny-type of an entry so I'll leave it at that and hope that someone has a little advice. (I gladly take cheesy one liners and scriptural references!) Seems like a silly problem I'm sure, and in retrospect I will probably agree, but I don't think I've ever been accused of being a rational or logical person!



I was the queen of being "busy" with my own jobs when my husband worked and I remained jobless in order to stay with him when he needed to travel overnight or work long schedules in Salt Lake.

My suggestion....the library! Read autobiographyies and make up book clubs to share what you read.

Set goals for certain cuisines or types of meals you want to learn to do, and then spend the day or early evenings trying out new dishes!

take up scrapbooking! but be frugal! I love it and when im done with a page I feel so good about it! Plus its nice to use as a display and look at later.

You can also offer or post ads to babysit a few days a week (if its easy on you) and get a little more time with kids before you get ready to have your own! :) [plus make a little moolaw on the side ;)]

I don't know if any of them sound good to you! But hope it helps!:) 3 months and counting, thats coming up so soon!!!! :):):):)


Maybe try Bon Bon's instead of cookie dough.... :)

I would take this time to fill your glass. Make it all the way to the top. When your little girl comes you'll be giving so much to her with feeding, changing, cuddling ect. as well as taking care of a husband too. {Just be thankful that ultimatly he can bathe himself}

Take the time to read your scriptures, get caught up on books, try new recipies, and totally enjoy this. This is the only time you will be pregnate with out other little ones that are going to need you.

{am I making any sense at all?}

As for the job thing.... it's a crappy situation. I'm with Rod. Either quit or try really hard not to stress about it. The stress is not good for you.

I'll just be quiet now because I'm sure I'm just rambling.